Exclusive Hotel in Córdoba Downtown

60th anniversary

60 is an ideal age to recap and remember anecdotes of everything lived.

We like to tell our history, because behind Windsor Hotel & Tower a long way has been walked, to arrive where we are now.

Around 1950, our hotel was still in Don Rafael Sahade’s mind, son of Syrian immigrants who made their way in a Córdoba that promised opportunities.

In 1957 this dream came true. Our Hotel was born inspired by the traditional resting place of the Kings of England, out of which it would take its name: Windsor.

In that moment, in Córdoba, hotels were simple “transit points”, but Windsor stamp would break that mould and offer a place where visitors would be comfortable and leave satisfied. Happy, full of flowers, comfortable, and meticulously clean, were the main characteristics with which Don Rafael boosted it, many of which we still currently keep.

A look into the past